Message From Director's Desk

group captain puneet sharma (redt.)


SSB is a personality based selection process, where the focus is on the trainability aspect of a candidate’s personality, rather than any specialized skills or knowledge that he may have. Personality in a crux, can be explained as a combination of what we think, what we speak and what we do. A Congruence between these aspects are essential characteristics of a trainable personality.

The SSBOGC focuses on reforming and developing a candidate’s personality rather than teaching them some tricks or short cuts to achieve success. We at SSBOGC focus on the process with the belief that the right process will ultimately lead to the right outcome. We follow a self-introspective model of training. Wherein the candidate is made aware of his own strengths and weakness.

Thereafter a three-step approach is followed where the student is made to work on building motivation and drive to bring about a change. Following this identification of those aspects of personality that require transformation is addressed. Subsequently, the focus shifts to the understanding of why that particular change is essential and what are its implications.

Lastly, the candidate is imparted skills to bring about that change in his personality. Unlike other institutes providing coaching for SSB whose focus is on promoting rote learning by handing over sample answer and solutions to the students with the sole aim of making capital gains, SSBOGC’s focus is to help the students to bridge the gap between their actual self and desired self so that their thoughts, actions and words are incongruences.

Group Captain Puneet Sharma (Retd.)