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unique personality oriented program for SSB interview

Greetings and Welcome to SSBOGC

Self Introspective Approach to Groom Personalities For SSB Interview

Group captain puneet sharma’s SSB Orientation and grooming classes (SSBOGC) Dehradun is one academy which focuses on orientation and grooming the candidates and makes them better prepared to face the SSB by remaining their original self. This approach is generally seen to be working well in candidates’ favour.




Our Mission

SSB Orientation and Grooming Classes have been started with a new zeal and enthusiasm, approaching the whole idea of training with an innovative personality oriented perspective, rather than based on the model promoting rote learning. Gp Capt Puneet sharma with his rich experience of the SSB Selection system has conceptualized the idea of classes where focus is on the process correction to achieve the desired end result. We at SSBOGC believe in grooming the personality so that the candidates do not depend on pretending and showing off at SSB what they are actually not.

Our Vision

To develop self-appreciative perspective towards ones inner actions and activities. To channelize the energies of the students in the right direction, which finally makes them enriched citizen of the country. Developing student’s introspective and sensitized dimension so that they can keep an analytical perception in today’s world of senseless imitation. Provide students of today a peep into their innerself which adds volume to their social and professional existence. Last but not the least to orient the youth to the selection process and procedures followed by SSB without affecting their original personality traits.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is not about giving the candidates tips, templates or sample answers to crack the SSB which actually is nothing but putting up a mask on the true potential of the candidates. This we firmly believe is NEGATIVE COACHING and will surly harm their prospects. For us it is more pertinent to sensitize the aspirants to understand logically what is expected from them to get recommended at SSB, become aware of their inner self, identify their own strengths and weaknesses and learn to develop specific skills to overcome the weaknesses and truly achieve that level where their true potential matches with the expected level. We believe that process of grooming the personality if handled in a scientific and logical manner will surely fetch desired result.

Idea Behind SSBOGC

Why choose us

Unlike other coaching institutes where candidates are spoon fed with sample answers using rote learning methodology, SSBOGC helps candidate to understand the expectation of SSB, do self-evaluation by focusing on their innerself, identify their own strengths and weakness, and work upon their weakness by stepping out of their comfort zone to develop till desired levels are achieved.

The whole concept of training at SSBOGC is logic and reasoning based so that the students are fully aware and can interpret their own actions and performance. The training also focuses on importance of non-verbal communication and helps students to improve this dimension of their personality.