Hello everyone! myself Shubham Pokhriyal, got recommended for NDA 142 course from 17 SSB
Banglore on 2nd February 2019.

I started my journey from class 12th when I started preparing for NDA exam. I gave NDA twice but was not able to clear it.

Got recommended for NDA 142 course from 17 SSB Banglore-Shubham-Pokhriyal
Got recommended for NDA 142 course from 17 SSB Banglore-Shubham-Pokhriyal


But as three members from my family are from army i.e my father, uncle and my grandfather so I was very much passionate and motivated towards it.

After 12th I dropped 1 year to prepare for both NDA and JEE exam but unfortunately was not able to clear both which was a huge disappointment for me.

That year only I gave two SSB for 10+2 Navy TES but got conference out. I cleared the X group exam of Air Force but didn’t choose to join there because I was hopeful for the last NDA attempt.

I took admission in LPU and opted for B.Tech. Hons. in CSE subject. In that year only I started preparing for NDA again and gave my full efforts in that and cleared the exam with good marks.

Now it was the last attempt so I didn’t want to take any chance and went to Group Capt Puneet Sharma Sir and took guidance from him.

He used to tell us to introspect ourselves and doesn’t spoon feeds us. He asked us to start reading the newspaper and current affairs. After continuous hard work, I went confidently to the Selection Center South.
We reported there at 2:30 pm, All the documentation were held and with certain instructions we, 61 candidates were sent to the candidate’s accommodation.

OIR Test

Day 1- We all gave the OIR test and I attempted all 100 questions. In PPDT I was the only repeater so I was the last chest number in the group and I took it as an opportunity. As I completed my narration, I initiated the discussion and gave the point I wanted to give in a gentle way. After that, the result came and 38 of us got screened in.

Psychology Test

Day 2- In the entire Psychology test, I just held my nerves and remained calm, just relaxed till the time test was not started. In the 1st test, I tried to relate my stories with me by giving the name of the places I was aware and also the school names. This time I didn’t write any wishful and preconceived stories, just considered myself there and wrote whatever came to my mind. I wrote 35 SRT’s. Here also I assumed myself there in the situation and tried to find out the practical solution and gave comprehensive answers. I did all the WATs and tried to give my thinking and feelings in the sentence, and gave a good SD.


Day 3- In the first GD I gave three or four points and In 2nd also I gave 3 points and was calm and composed in both GDs. In PGT and HGT I gave hint when the group was stuck.

My lecturette topic was India’s role in the UN. I didn’t give a good lecture but it was ok. Also, my interview was held on the 3rd day. He asked me many things about my family and friends. As my father is in the army so most of the questions were from the Army, but the difference between the previous attempt and this was my confidence.

Last time I was nervous while giving answers but this time I just said whatever came into my mind at that point.

Day 4- I did all 10 individual obstacles and also my command task was good as the GTO was grilling me many times during the task.

Day 5- Last day we all kept our luggage at the tea point, Everyone was just hoping for the best. I was also tensed as my chest number was 38 which was the last one. I waited for 3 hours and at last, I went to the conference hall. Greeted the president of the conference. They just asked me to rate my performance and sent me back.

After the conference, we all were allowed to sit in a room for the result. Sir came and announced the result and after chest number 37 I heard my number 38. And I was about to dance but controlled at that time.

My advice to you does not think about the result of SSB. Just perform in the task in hand and do not try to make answers because making answers is not going to help.

Just do some introspection, ask your well-wishers about you and improve.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.


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