How I got Recommended for Navy Tech entry 12 SSB Bangalore?

My name is Ayan Haider Zaidi, here I’ll share my experience of Navy Tech entry at 12 SSB Bangalore.

This was my last attempt to join NDA and therefore I put in my 100% in written exam and did fairly well.

Soon after that I came to SSBOGC Dehradun and met my Mentor Gp Capt Puneet Sharma. The first thing I learnt after coming here was to accept myself.

Yes, to accept because all the time I considered myself not fully fit for the Armed forces.  Gp Capt Mukherjee Sir and Gp Capt Puneet Sharma Sir helped me to clear this wrong perception.

They also helped me in restoring faith in my own abilities and to accept myself. It is at SSBOGC that I learnt the importance of deep introspection, mental preparation and also of doing objective evaluation and audit of one’s past life history.

Gradually, I started making conscious efforts to align myself with the kind of attitude and behaviour we need to succeed at the SSB.

My experience of Navy Tech entry

Now I will talk about what I learnt at SSBOGC in individual techniques.


It was a technical entry and as expected the reporting was little high, 124. We were taken to the center (12 SSB) in a bus. The OIR test mainly contained “Series and Pattern” questions in non-verbal and “complete the pattern” questions in verbal.

My OIR went fairly well and I did attempt 85 out of 90 questions. The picture shown to us had two boys and two girls apparently exchanging books. I made a simple story around group study. I kept in mind to keep the story realistic and put details.  With a good expression on my face, calm body language and without stammering even a single time I narrated my story.

As a repeaters group (of 15) the GD started with a lot of noise (I didn’t speak first in GD but entered in at 3rd place) but I kept my voice level moderate but audible. The group was agreeing to make a story around some science project, not group studies so I went along with them but made sure that I add a few points in their agreed story. The results came and 40 got screened in including me (chest number 20).

Psychological Tests

We were made to sit in a small hall and were briefed adequately about TAT, WAT, SRT and SD.

In TAT, I kept in mind to put enough details and not to make unrealistic stories. In neutral pictures, I imagined myself in them and was able to make a story. I made sure that I’m not assessing myself while writing the story, the mistake which I did my first attempt. We can never assess ourselves as the psychologist does and we end up making stories which are unrealistic and manipulated.

In WAT, I tried to relate some words to my hobbies, some to the knowledge which I’ve gained by observing things and experiences. I did 58/60 WAT.

In SRT, I again wrote practical and simple reactions with adequate details and did not run away from any situation. Mistakes done here are sometimes we give a solution in which we’re not actually solving it but putting it on someone else or running away from it. I was able to write 44/60 SRT solution and didn’t leave any reactions blank in between.

In SD, I wrote the SD which I had prepared at home by actually asking my friends’, family’ and teachers’ views about me. I wrote the good and bad qualities of mine too which they told me in my SD. That’s the easiest way to make an honest and best SD.

In all psychological tests, I wrote in an understandable language with no cutting or over writings at all.

Personal Interview

On this day my throat went really bad I was hardly able to speak. I entered the room and wished the IO with a smile and a confident handshake. He asked me to sit and whether I’ll be able to give an interview I said yes.

Initially, he asked about my stay and how many friends I’ve made here and what all places I went to in Bangalore. He then asked me about my previous SSB attempt and their results.

I told him that I’m already recommended for 143 NDA in a plain voice. He then asked me “Why do you want to join Indian Navy?“. I said, “I’m here for Naval Aviation“. From then onwards the interview was all about aviation. The questions asked to me were:

  1. What are aircraft carriers, Destroys, corvette and Frigate their role? Name which all India has.
  2. Indian Navy’s role in the Kargil War.
  3. What is special about naval fighter jet in comparison to Air Force jets?
  4. What do you mean by undercarriage?
  5. Name aircraft of Indian Naval Arm?
  6. What’s the difference between the roles of Ka31 and Ka28?
  7. What are the various aircraft launch systems on Aircraft carriers around the world?
  8. What’s EMALS? explain.
  9. What is the difference between Indian aircraft carriers and US aircraft carriers?
  10. How does an aircraft fly?
  11. What’s the procedure to join the Naval Air Arm?
  12. What’s the full form of RADAR And SONAR? How do they work?

IO was thoroughly impressed because I was able to answer each and every question related to aviation correctly.

As I had “Mentioned in my PIQ that reading about Military Aviation” one of my hobbies we were playing in my home ground.

All this probing took around 20 minutes after that he asked me about my family, my best friend, my teacher and subjects and my education. Finally, he wished me good luck and said: “You may go now“. My interview went on for about 35 minutes.

Throughout the interview, I kept a calm body language, voice not too high or not too low. I maintained eye contact with the interviewer and didn’t stammer. The point here because I was not lying about anything to him, I answered whatever I knew in a kind and humble manner and said “Sorry Sir I don’t know” for whatever I didn’t know in an equally calm manner.

Ground Tasks

In GD, we were 10 in one group. The GD topics were given and I spoke whenever I had a good point and listened to others with interest and supported good points of others. One thing in GD I’ve observed if we listen to others and support their good point, they’ll do the same. Instead of putting others in between and starting a debate I kept my voice level moderate and only gave sensible points and also didn’t repeat my points.

In GPE, I analyzed all the problem and solved them, giving correct priorities to the problems. I wrote my solution with no overwriting or cutting and mentioned timing and distances also. In the discussion, I convinced others by actually convincing them instead of fighting. Because the car can accommodate more people answer it can travel at a much faster speed than a boat). My solution became group solution and I was nominated to narrate.

In PGT, my group was not so cooperative but I didn’t involve in any unnecessary arguments with anyone and just focused that the whole group should move forward. I didn’t bother others the idea is coming from. I helped the group wholeheartedly in executing the idea and then and whenever I got an idea I executed it quickly. We reached PGT 2 and our time was over. HGT and FGT maintained the same strategy.

In GOR, as my throat was not good, I was just doing lip-sync of our war cry and again made sure that each and every member of the group is moving ahead.

In CT, my group seemed quite uncomfortable with me as an earlier recommended candidate in their group and I was called only once to help. In my command task, I called two helpers. I did most of the work on my own and only took their help when it was unavoidable, I made sure that they don’t get injured. Bridge structure I made I crossed it first then only asked my helpers to do so except on finishing line where I made then to cross the finishing line first and then I came later.

In Individual Obstacles, I did all IO early.

Throughout GT, I was keeping in mind that I act as a member of the group who is taking everyone along and who believes in the progress of the group. I didn’t shout/argue/abuse anyone at any point of time during GT.


I was called in and asked, “What have you learned from here Ayan?“. I said, “To take care of my throat before interviews“. They actually liked the joke and laughed. Then I was asked to leave with good luck.


Results came and 10 of us got recommended, including chest number 20.

Yes, I made it again and was very happy for myself.


Group captain Puneet Sharma's SSB Orientation and grooming classes (SSBOGC) Dehradun is one academy which focuses on orientation and grooming the candidates and makes them better prepared to face the SSB by remaining their original self.