Online preparation for SSB interview

In the present COVID -19  pandemic era SSB online preparation is the only feasible option that seems to be working for SSB INTERVIEW PREPARATION for the defence aspirants.

However, with social media overloaded with all kind of material for PREPARATION FOR SSB INTERVIEW, it becomes little difficult for one to select BEST SSB COACHING FOR SSB.

Though, ONLINE SSB COACHING cannot replace the offline classes, yet, a well designed and structured course content and delivery can make SSB PREPARATION ONLINE quite effective.

ONLINE SSB PREPARATION platform that is fast gaining popularity with defence aspirants.

Though many institutes claim to be the BEST SSB ONLINE COACHING INSTITUTES.

However, a fact check in many such cases reveals that its more of a business than an ONLINE SSB INTERVIEW PREPARATION platform.

Further, the material shared by many such ONLINE SSB COACHING INSTITUTES in pre-recorded videos and PPTs instead of interactive and live classroom lectures.

This is a way that doesn’t serve the purpose for PREPARATION FOR SSB INTERVIEW.

Even the institutes that claim to be BEST SSB ONLINE COACHING INSTITUTES fail to do justice in this regard.

So, the right advice to defence aspirants looking for ONLINE SSB COACHING would be that they should not go after those who claim themselves as Best ONLINE SSB COACHING INSTITUTE, instead, they need to go through content and methodology used by them impart ONLINE SSB COACHING so that their PREPARATION FOR SSB INTERVIEW remains on track.

We are proud to inform you that SSBOGC is the only SSB Interview Preparation Centre in Dehradun which provides Online SSB  Coaching to candidates appearing for the SSB Interview.

We provide in-depth guidance on screening, psychological testing, GTO testing, and interviews, in addition to identifying officers’ desired qualities and improvements.

Enough exposure and practice are also given to improve comfort and confidence level of the aspirants.

Keeping these factors in mind you can make the best choice for yourself.

In the past 4 -5  months, more than 10 + SSBOGC Online Class Students have been selected in various entries like NDA, CDS, AFCAT and many more.