Are you looking for Best SSB Interview Coaching Centre in Dehradun?

To become an officer in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, a candidate needs to possess some officer-like qualities, assessed by conducting various tests by test officers.

During the SSB interview period at SSB Selection Centers, candidates have to take around 15 psychological / quality based tests, which include written test / oral test / outdoor ground test.

Having no knowledge of the various tests to be conducted at SSB selection centres, many candidates with essential qualities are also dismissed in SSB interview.

To overcome this deficiency and ensure its selection, it is necessary to have adequate knowledge in SSB Coaching Academy.

Outstanding performance in educational qualifications as an officer has little effect.


In Dehradun Group Captain Puneet Sharma’s SSB ORIENTATION AND GROOMING CLASSES is one of the best SSB Interview Coaching Centre in Dehradun which is doing a good job of where we are focusing on personality development using the self introspective approach.

Simultaneously we are logically explaining the aspirants all SSB procedures, tests and tasks as well as expected standards.

Further, We help defense aspirant to clarify their concepts without tempering with their original personality traits.

We are proud to inform you that SSBOGC is the only SSB Interview Coaching Centre in Dehradun which provides result training to candidates appearing for the SSB Interview.

We provide in-depth guidance on screening, psychological testing, GTO testing, and interviews, in addition to identifying officers’ desired qualities and improvements.

Enough exposure and practice are also given to improve comfort and confidence level of the aspirants. Keeping these factors in mind you can make the best choice for yourself.

Methodology of SSB Interview Coaching

  1. Brief of all Tests (Psycho/GTO/IO) in a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. In-depth explaining the procedures being followed by SSB Centres to conduct the various tests
  3. Conduct of model tests on the pattern of SSB.
    • Computer-based Tests for – WAT, TAT
    • Written Tests for – Int Test, SRT, Group Planning
    • Ground Tests for – Group Discussion, Lecture, Progressive Group & allied tasks
    • Mock model explanation of – Individual Obstacles, Snake Race
    • Mock Interviews
  4. Supply of print materials for all tests