Just as cherry, plum, peach and damson all possess their own unique qualities; similarly, each person is unique. We cannot become someone else. The important thing is that we live true to ourselves and cause the great flower of our lives to blossom.

– Daisaku Ikeda 

Narrowly introspect this word below:


Simply answer the questions below:

  1. What is the first thing that strikes you?
  2. Does it hold a negative or a positive connotation for you?
  3. How do you associate with this terminology?
  4. Is success possible with attitude?

In the segment of Alphabet Reasoning in a competitive examination, a question is generally asked based on the placement of the word. On that format, the sum total of ATTITUDE, on calculating the positions of each alphabet in the word as,

A + T + T + I + T + U + D + E

1 + 20 + 20 + 9 + 20 + 21 + 4 + 5 = 100

In depth analysis predicts that though, we can live with scarce intelligence, success, money, prosperity but we cease to exist with scarce attitude.

A quick assertion here, no other word sum totals to 100 other than ATTITUDE.

We have all heard countless times the significance of attitude in our daily existence, success, approach, perspective and happiness.

Moreover, who can deny the fact that success is directly proportional to right attitude in life, which can be no less than 100%.

In short, attitude is a magic wand. For sure, it cannot be an auxiliary for competence, skill and experience in life but it will certainly help yield skills and talent with elance.

However, the challenge always remains in the display of the right attitude throughout especially when we all are caught amidst the rigmarole of the harsh monotone of the competitive world.

True that. It is nonetheless a very unnerving assignment. However, it is not something impossible to achieve though difficult.

Keep it simple may seem paradoxical in a complex world.

Trust the fact it is simple. Gently tap within to realize the enormous beauty, power, and strength that one possesses.

For example, stop by, ponder over, self-talk every day for a second, and mull the most debatable question as to who is the most beautiful or the most intelligent or the most powerful or the most affluent or the happiest person in the world.

This constant self-talk will help crystallize the belief in the power of self-tuning the ATTITUDE which is no less than 100%.

One thing is sure we cannot change what happened to us in the past, how we behaved how people around us reacted as everything is beyond our control and is inevitable.

In such cases, our attitude becomes our greatest asset. We cannot love our work all the time. It is not possible. We are all humans and not robots.

However, remaining 100 % comfortable in the life that one has chosen is the right perspective towards achieving success and happiness.

Lastly, people might tell us “you were born to win” will not make anyone a winner until and unless one does not have a solid plan, a planned line of preparation, an expectation and confidence to win.

Ask yourself whether you possess that instinctive confidence of a small child who went with an umbrella for God said if you pray it will rain.



Group captain Puneet Sharma's SSB Orientation and grooming classes (SSBOGC) Dehradun is one academy which focuses on orientation and grooming the candidates and makes them better prepared to face the SSB by remaining their original self.