Leadership & Administrative Skills

The recent win of the Indian cricket team in Sydney has once again brought to the fore the leadership skills of Virat Kohli and his administrative skills.

Although, he was quoted to have said that thinking of creating history or changing history was not an agenda for him and his team but quipped hurriedly about the level of satisfaction gained by his team. Their efforts  and dedicated pursuit in the span of over twelve months  that has resulted in their victory.

Well, it is the efforts, dedication and the leadership values that are the major tools of success in addition to the minute skills and dexterously formed nuances of the game.

We will take up the victory of the Indian Cricket team and its registered victory in one of the toughest cricket grounds to ponder over on what all cricket gurus had to say about the great character and flexibility shown by the players especially after the big loss.

Patience is the keyword

They finally could register victory not because individuals played well but each one of the players took responsibility and played with the patience. Patience is the keyword in this case.

In the contemporary society, when we talk about virtues and vices, it means something old-fashioned and archetypical, but focusing on virtue alone focuses on being good, being courageous and generous.

The Indian cricket team has learnt to win. Hey, everybody can win, if you just put your minds to it, that means there is no chance of giving up.

In that case, the players played and played as if it was their last game and secondly, they were by now determined to win it.

The victory lies in the rhythm of competition.

Yes, it is a rhythm, its musical. It engages human potential, which demands physical agility in tandem with the mental fortitude, individual achievement and of-course the collective efforts.

Winning alone is not important

All this does not come easy to any individual, rigorous schooling of the self in disciplines, punctuality, self -restraint, hard work and attention to the minutest details vis-à-vis promoting the habits of thought and action are other necessary ingredients. In that case, winning alone is not important, making oneself worthy of that place each day is.

Last but not the least, enthusiasm and passion towards all that we do in life may not guarantee success but lack of it certainly guarantees failure.



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