Jai Hind Dosto

You must have seen that advt, “Do you have it in you”?

What is the picture of a military officer in your mind?

Most of the popular movies in the world have stereotyped the image of a military leader. Unfortunately, many young persons have tried to emulate these images instead of living their own self.

The personality trait of a military leader has been a subject of deep research. The most critical skills, traits and attributes of a military leader are enumerated as under;

Integrity and honesty: 

These two are the foundation of effective leadership. After all, if we are willing to follow someone we first want to assure our selves that the person is worthy of our trust. One way to judge honesty is to see if there is consistency between words and the deeds of the leader.  Does he practice what he preaches

1. Vision: 

A leader is a visionary and has a well-defined goal for his or her followers to achieve.

2. Courage: 

He must have a combination of both physical and moral courage.

3. Judgement:

He must be able to combine hard data, questionable data and intuitive guesses to arrive at a conclusion that eventually proves to be correct. Common sense plays an important part in good judgement.

4. Compassion:

A military leader must have the balance of mind to think about the accomplishment of his mission along with the needs of his or her people. Open communication with his men is critical.

5. Intelligence and knowledge:

Besides being intelligent, a military leader must display knowledge in his field, judgement and innovative ideas to be successful.

6. Self-confidence:

He must be calm in handling adversity and instil confidence in his followers. He must be free of guilt.

7. Perseverance:

A military leader must display ambition, high energy stability and persistence in pursuit of tasks. They remain alert and focused on goals.

8. Enthusiasm:

They are full of josh and charisma that arouse strong emotion in their followers.

9. Initiative:

A leader with the initiative set forth thoughts and actions to accomplish the tasks He has the ability to plan ahead, prioritise and is aggressive, competitive and decisive.

Having read this check out what all qualities you possess now   !!  Rest leave it to the Military training.

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