If we were to reflect on any day in our lives it would appear as if we were constantly on a mini roller coaster with its ups and downs, smooth runs, spikes and lows.

At the centre of these highs and lows are our thoughts, emotions and actions.

We may choose to plod through life, going along with emotional imbalances, disturbances and accept them and eventually forget them only to be buffeted around again.

On the other hand, someone who desires to progress in life would choose to find the meaning and significance of their thoughts and actions, find the roots of their emotions and accepts mistakes, to able to learn from them. The only means to do so is self-Introspection.

It is the dwelling with oneself, pausing to take note of thoughts and feelings, tracing the roots of emotions and eventually recognizing one’s own personality characteristics both positive and negative.

The process involves recognising and accepting mistakes, having the courage to seek and accept feedback and the will to find practical solutions.

Introspection will make you comfortable with yourself, help you understand your inner feelings better and keep you in touch with yourself.

You will find yourself capable to weather the vagaries of life and maintain emotional balance.

When you are self-aware it makes you more empathetic.

You can recognize and understand other’s feelings because you have the wisdom and knowledge of your own feelings.

This will lead to improved interpersonal relationships which are the key to success in any field.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Introspection may take two forms – Self-Reflection and Self-Rumination. Self-reflection is the positive aspect, where you seek to improve with the help of feedback gained from within and that from well-wishers.

The goal is to improve and evolve. Whereas self-rumination is dwelling on the negative aspects of one’s personality.

Thinking about one’s failures, embarrassments, and mistakes in a loop and being unable to extricate oneself from the self-destructive thoughts.

Ruminations cause unnecessary harm to ourselves and burdening us with stresses and worry. If you find yourself in a negative space, it would be advantageous to tell yourselves to do more and think less.

Plunge yourself into productive actions and ruminations shall automatically reduce and be replaced with positive introspection.


Group captain Puneet Sharma's SSB Orientation and grooming classes (SSBOGC) Dehradun is one academy which focuses on orientation and grooming the candidates and makes them better prepared to face the SSB by remaining their original self.