A Little introspection before facing SSB Interview

Do answer it with full honesty, if something is wrong then admit it and fix it there and then.

Remember you could be smart to fool anyone but yourself.

  1. Do you lack confidence?
  2. How much do you respect yourself?
  3. Does fear of failure influences you?
  4. Do you get overly affected by others opinion?
  5. Do you change nature to appease people?
  6. Capacity to take initiative in different domains of life.?
  7. Do you take responsibility for your actions or do you pass on the blame to others?
  8. Does your put up a defensive shield if some caught you on the wrong foot?
  9. Do you gather all relevant data, analyse then, weigh consequences before making a decision?
  10. Do you react OR Respond?
  11. Are you casual or proactive?
  12. In social conduct, do you take the initiative to talk to others or wait for others?
  13. Are you an egoistic person?
  14. How often do you get into a disagreement with people? Are you stubborn or flexible?
  15. Do you use your intellect while forming opinion or swing opinion by getting influenced by others?
  16. How often do you try to listen and learn from the people at par with you?
  17. Does your self-confidence turn into arrogance?
  18. Do you respect the opposite gender?
  19. Any character weakness/problem?
  20. Faulty thinking?
  21. How parenting style of your parents influenced you?
  22. Any conflict at home because of you?
  23. Does your family involve you in decision making pertaining to family matters? If yes..how you contribute. If no …then ask parents why don’t they do that?
  24. Anger, Greed, Lust, Attachment, ego how much these factors affect you?
  25. Worst conduct with family and friends?
  26. Do you get overly attached to someone?
  27. Do you have a feeling of insecurity for someone?
  28. Do you have fear of leaving your comfort zone.?
  29. Do you get demoralised after a few setbacks? Or you bounce back with renewed strength?
  30. How often you learn from your failures?
  31. Do you look down upon others?
  32. What stand do you take when in conflict with friends?

Knowing answers to above questions will surely make you more self-aware and will help you immensely in the SSB interview which is purely a personality based selection.


Group captain Puneet Sharma's SSB Orientation and grooming classes (SSBOGC) Dehradun is one academy which focuses on orientation and grooming the candidates and makes them better prepared to face the SSB by remaining their original self.