Good Morning Friends!!!

So, what has been good about today?

What time did you get up?

What time did you get up

Was it still dark, or was the Sun up in the sky?

Getting up early has several advantages.

Practice it say 4-5 times a week. Go for a run. Gaze at the rising Sun. Remind yourself of the promises that you have made to yourself.

Listen to nature, the chirping of the birds, the smell of flowers, the sounds around you, Observe your thoughts.

Stay away from your mobile. Control the impulse to see the WhatsApp messages of the last night.

Delay the start of social media conversations.

Enjoy the moments with yourself or your family members.

Practice Yoga, Pranayama, singing, freehand exercises, anything that makes you feel alive.

Have you experienced the joy of taking off the sweat-soaked T-shirt in the morning?

If not, go for a good run or physical activity tomorrow morning.

See You…

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