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The interview in the SSB may last up to an hour. It is a face to face interaction between a candidate and the Interviewing Officer.

SSB Interview: Your body language

Remember, there is no syllabus out of which, questions are asked in an interview.

It is actually the most interesting and easy part of the SSB where the interaction revolves around your background, education, liking, disliking, achievements, failures, dreams, friends, hobbies and awareness levels. A lot of information is given out by the candidate which are interpreted by IO to check his suitability for becoming an officer in the armed forces.

Body language may convey as much as the words do. Be alive and alert of your body language and try to avoid giving adverse signals.

  • Avoid fiddling with your hands, watch, pen, clothes, ring etc.
  • Avoid a fixed facial expression and a smirk on the face.
  • Avoid Yawning.
  • Never look at your watch or the wall clock.
  • Avoid touching your lips or biting nails.
  • Avoid tapping your feet or hands
  • Avoid a rigid posture e.g a stiff neck, clasping knees.
  • Avoid sitting in a casual manner.
  • Avoid wearing shiny gaudy clothes, strong perfume etc.
  • Avoid looking up, down or away from the IO.
  • Avoid sitting on the edge of the chair.

Well, join our classes to know what all you need to do to have a winning performance in an SSB Interview.

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